Tips for getting married in Marbella

Monday, November 28th, 2016


At Fiestasol, we have pretty much seen it all! Having planned hundreds of weddings over 10 years, we feel we are in a good position to give as many helpful pointers as we can!

1. Book a wedding planner. This may sound obvious but we have worked on many weddings over the years as just caterers, where there is no wedding planner in control and it makes a huge difference. Couples may sometimes think that it is easy to find suppliers online, but this is only a fraction of the job. A wedding planner will be your man on the ground, someone to constantly advise throughout the process, put you in touch with dependable vendors and make sure you haven´t missed anything important. At Fiestasol, we design a personalised running spreadsheet and keep you up to date on all suppliers booked, deposits paid, timings and balances due.

  • Crucially, a wedding planner is present on the day, and this is where your money is really well spent. A good planner will be a calming influence, make sure everyone knows where they need to be and will hopefully solve any issues as soon as they come up.
  • Just make sure to book the right planner. Look for testimonials online and ask wedding suppliers such as florists, photographers and DJs who they would recommend.

2. Don’t get married too early in the day. This is a conversation we have all time with our couples. Many of our clients have a set idea of when it is normal to start a wedding – but in Spain you have to work with the climate. During popular wedding months such as June, July & September, temperatures often reach the high 30s at 3pm. Holding a wedding ceremony at that time can be hugely uncomfortable for everyone involved and there is nothing worse than a wedding when all everyone is talking about is how hot there are. I will never forget doing a Scottish wedding at the end of June several years ago. The ceremony was at 2pm and all the men were in full wool kilts. The temperature was 35 degrees. You can imagine how they felt… 5pm tends to be the best ceremony time, not too late but getting comfortable by that time. That way, you can start dancing as the sun sets and the photographer is happy with the beautiful light.

3. Don´t expect planners to be able to do viewings on a Saturday in June. We tend to be inundated with viewing and meeting requests for weekends during the summer months. While it is understandable that couples would like to visit when the sun is shining, this is when we are all working non-stop on this year´s weddings! Plus most venues are booked up and unavailable to view. The best time to visit is October to April, and if you do have to come over during the season, aim for a weekday. Also, it is always much better to arrange a viewing appt with your planner before you book your flights. You want to make the absolute most of your visit to Spain, so pre-planning is always the best policy!

4. Be very careful about booking villas you have found online to hold a wedding, particularly if it a fairly large party. Villas need to meet certain criteria to make them reliable options. Probably the most important one is that there are no difficult neighbours nearby. If the police are called because of the noise, they have the right to shut the wedding down. There also needs to be sufficient electricity for musicians and caterers, good access, flat ground, suitable kitchen, access to toilets etc

5. If you are booking your own suppliers, don´t just look for the cheapest option. We see this with bus and wedding car companies for instance – clients get a cheaper quote and think it will be straightforward. A professional company should go and visit the venue if it is not familiar with it before the wedding day, we have had wedding cars get completely lost on the way to the church causing a huge amount of stress all round.

6. Wedding world is a visual world of Pinterest, blogs and social media. Do bear in mind that a lot of what you see is styled in a studio and is not always going to be as perfect and controlled as it looks on Style me Pretty. Be realistic and talk to your planner, florist, wedding cake maker etc about what is achievable in the Spanish heat and in an outdoor venue.

7. List to your planner! It is a good idea to remember that we do this job every day, we have seen it all and we can steer you in the right direction as a result of our experience. It is always such a pleasure to work with clients who relax and trust us, particularly on the wedding day itself. Often, couples will have a very clear idea in their head of what they want on their special day, and it is up to us to help them achieve it, with a reasonable dose of reality along the way!

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