Beach weddings in Marbella

Is it the right choice for me?

The beaches along the Costa del Sol are famous all over the world because of  the blue Mediterranean sea, year-round sunshine and views over to Africa. As a result, many people dream of holding their wedding on the beach.

Finding the right Marbella beach venue

For a beach wedding in Marbella, it is important to find a venue that has its own private beach area so that the wedding is guaranteed to be private. Because of this, Fiestasol works with several beach clubs and villas in Marbella that can provide an area for your reception right by the sea. In addition, you can even hold your ceremony right on the sand itself in some of them. 

Is a beach wedding ceremony straightforward?

The anwer is no. Firstly, you can’t simply set up your tables and chairs on the sand because of the beach laws in Spain. The beaches along the Coast are all public and, as a result of this, all activity is closely monitored by the Town Hall.

Secondly, because the beaches are public, it is likely that there will be a lot of curious beachgoers who will want to come and have a peek as you say your vows.

Beach wedding venues

Most importantly it is vital to find the right venue. A beach club is the perfect way to host your wedding as it will have a designated and stylish space so that your wedding is kept exclusive. Alternatively, we work with several beachfront private villas that provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful beach wedding. 

More information on beach weddings in Spain

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