Destination wedding planners Fiestasol share their excitement about weddings post-Covid

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Why are we so mega excited about weddings post-Covid at Fiestasol? It´s not just that we all want to get back to work. Obviously we all want to get our businesses moving again. But its not just the business side of things, it´s the extra level of excitement and achievement that will be present at every single wedding. As destination wedding planners, we know that holding a wedding abroad is an especially adventurous idea. Add that sense of adventure to post-Covid relief, and we are going to have some seriously fun weddings on our hands!

Many wedding planners in Marbella and wedding venues in Marbella have had a tough season, suppliers, brides, grooms – we have all been through an emotional rollercoaster. But we have to go through challenges, to appreciate normality at the other end. Imagine how every single photographer, DJ, florist etc will be feeling at your wedding. They will have double the amount of motivation and energy to make your wedding in Spain as amazing as possible.

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New wedding venues in Marbella

Here at Fiestasol destination wedding planners, we have tried to spend our time wisely. We have been on the hunt for amazing new wedding venues in Marbella and all throughout this beautiful part of Spain. We have bunkered down and worked on our social media and we have reached out and tried to support and network with the other wedding suppliers in Marbella and beyond.

It´s definitely brought out a sense of community – Marbella wedding world is a small one, and most of us know each other well, and we have helped each other get through this difficult year.

Not only that, but our destination brides have been absolutely amazing. We have done our best to support them through all the uncertainty and changed wedding dates, and in turn, we have received so many lovely messages asking how we are too. Something we never expected.

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What we have learned is that we are all in this together. Holding a destination wedding is a big and bold thing to do. There is an extra layer of emotion involved as you ask all the special people in your life to travel that bit further to see you get married.

Post-Covid wedding world will be one filled with even more joy than before. As destination wedding planners, we will be here to celebrate with you every step of the way!

Fiestasol are experts Marbella wedding planners, stylists and caterers. We have an amazing portfolio of Marbella wedding venues. Email us for more inspiration for your destination wedding in Spain!

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