Destination Weddings in 2021 – hope is on the way!

destination weddings 2021

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Weddings in Spain post-Covid

Here at Fiestasol we are extremely excited for the 2021 wedding season to begin! As wedding planners in Marbella, we know that there is one very important aspect that makes destination weddings in 2021 a safe and fun option. Weddings in Marbella and in many destination wedding areas tend to be held outdoors. This means way less restrictions from a legal point of view, and more peace of mind for you and your guests.

The situation in Spain

At present, Spain is in a lighter form of lockdown than the UK and other countries. There is no movement between provinces and a 6pm curfew. This is set to end on December 10th. Spain is planning on starting its vaccination programme in January, and similar to the rest of Europe, predicts a return to normality by spring, just in time for the 2021 wedding season!

What you can do

By the beginning of wedding season in April 2021, there should be no more restrictions or quarantines after flying home from Spain. This will allow destination weddings in 2021 to start to flow again as normal. However, if you have vulnerable family members in your wedding party, you can suggest that your guests commit to a quick test before they travel to Spain, if they haven’t already been vaccinated. Our Fiestasol staff can still wear masks and gloves at your request and we can provide hand sanitiser for all guests.

Tables and catering

Another way to promote peace of mind at your wedding is to opt for a seated meal instead of a buffet. If you have already chosen a buffet menu, we can serve smaller versions of the dishes to your tables. The guidelines for 10 people to a table is what we do anyway at Fiestasol and the tables are always spaced out. As mentioned above, because our Spanish wedding venues are all outside, the rules are relaxed in terms of larger events.

Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. And believe it, there won’t be a celebration like the celebrations that are waiting for us in 2021 and beyond!

We follow the Spanish news via the excellent English edition of El Pais national newspaper

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