Covid-19 safety measures for your 2020 destination wedding

At Fiestasol, we are hopeful that weddings will continue from summer onwards with airspace opening and gatherings being allowed once more. However, it is likely that measures such as social distancing will continue to be recommended for the foreseeable future. Here is our list of measures to ensure the safety and health of you and your wedding guests:


Travel safe – wear gloves and a face mask while flying and at the airport, and avoid spending time in large groups of people – try and stay 2m away from fellow passengers and contact your airline about safe distancing during your flight.

Communication with wedding guests

We would recommend that you ask all of your guests to confirm that they have not had any Covid-19 symptoms during the 2 weeks before your wedding day

Wedding day social distancing

We also suggest that you communicate with your guests ahead of time about keeping physical contact to a minimum during the wedding and any other gatherings before and after. This can be done in a fun manner – with air-hugging and elbow-bumping the new ways to greet each other. cover 19 alternative handshakes

Wedding Day Hygiene

Hand sanitiser should be readily available for all guests – we would recommend a “Sanitiser station” for all guests as they walk in and small travel bottles at each place setting.

Wedding catering hygiene

As caterers, we are governed by strict rules from the Spanish Health Department. They have kept us informed throughout the Covid-19 epidemic of exactly how to eliminate contamination by following these important rules:

All catering staff including waiters, maitre d¨s, chefs, cleaners and drivers will wear protective gloves at all times during your wedding day from set-up to take-down.  Waiting staff will wear black gloves in order to stand out less against Fiestasol black uniforms.

All surfaces, utensils, sinks, pans, machinery and cooking equipment will be cleaned regularly before and throughout service with disinfectant products.

All serving plates, glasses, cutlery etc will be previously washed at 90 degrees thereby killing off any bacteria.

All linens will be washed previously at 90 degrees thereby killing off any bacteria.

Fiestasol will undertake to follow all of these guidelines with the strictest formality during your wedding day

Elderly/vulnerable guests

If you have elderly guests or family members, or those who are medically vulnerable, consider leaving them at home and setting up a live stream of the wedding for them. We have done this many times in the past, and with such a variety of video conferencing tools available, this might be the best way to keep these guests involved from start to finish while also keeping them safe. You can always arrange a special celebration dinner with them before you go or after you come back.

With all these measures in place, you can relax and enjoy your wedding day in the safest and happiest was possible. Remember, the comeback is always better than the setback!

Heather Sadtler is the Owner of Fiestasol Weddings & Catering – for more information about us, see our Services page

For updated information on Spanish air travel restrictions and recommendations – follow