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At Fiestasol, we receive wedding enquiries on a daily basis and one of the most popular questions is, can I hold my wedding on the beach? Here´s our list of what we think are the pros and cons of having a beach wedding in Marbella:


  • Probably the most important thing to know is that beaches in this part of Spain are all public. If you want to hold your wedding ceremony right on the sand, bear in mind there may be people wandering along the beach and stopping to watch your wedding.


  • There are strict laws in Marbella about what kind of activity can be held on the beach. You can´t just show up to a stretch of sand with your chairs, carpet and guests! Some areas of beach belong to restaurants and beachclubs and this is your safest way to hold a ceremony without needing a separate licence.beach wedding Marbella


  • If you are going to seat your guests on the beach and you want to walk down the aisle, remember you will need some kind of stable flooring. We with a fantastic beach club who provides white wooden flooring for the ceremony as part of the hire price..
  • beach wedding in Marbella


  • Consider the timing of the ceremony – the later you hold it, the less people will be on the beach and the more beautiful the light. Aim for late afternoon/early evening.


  • Some months of the year are a lot quieter on the beaches, so provide the perfect time to hold a beach ceremony – May and October are lovely months for this.Marbella wedding villa


  • Some venues have gardens or reception spaces within their grounds right next to the beach but not on the sand itself. This is a great way to maintain the privacy of the day, while still watching the sun go down over the ocean!

Fiestasol works with the stunning – a beach club available for exclusive hire with ceremony set up on white flooring directly on the sand. Late music licences allows you to dance under the starts until 3am. The perfect way to hold your beach wedding in Marbella.

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