Wedding planner Spain – 7 things brides and grooms regret about their wedding day

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Here at Fiestasol, we are wedding planners in Spain with a lot of experience under our belt! We are so lucky to share so many amazing moments with our couples but we can also learn from regrets and pass on those lessons to you. Here is our list of the things that crop up most often, and that some of our couples wished they had done differently.

Not booking a videographer – sometimes our clients say to us that they imagine a videographer to be an intrusion on their day – they worry about having a camera following them around alll day and feeling uncomfortable. Others worry that their budget won’t´ñ stretch to something they see as an unnecessary luxury. So many regret this after the day – photos are a beautiful reminder of many incredible moments – but you will never hear your vows again, you will never hear your father’s speech again and you will never see all our friends in one place having the time of their lives. Document it!

Starting your wedding too early in the day – we have this conversation over and over again. There is nothing worse than a wedding where everyone is too hot. We know that back in the UK and other colder countries the tradition is to start your wedding early so that your day is not wasted. But in Spain, the temperatures are different and life in general goes on later in the summer because of this. Holding an outdoor ceremony at 3pm or 4pm in June or July is just madness – it is the peak of the heat and temperatures can be in the early 40s. 5 or 6pm for a ceremony is much more pleasant and civilised. That way, the sun is going down at 9pm just as you are finishing your meal and the candles and fairy lights are beginning to twinkle. It’s no fun starting your party dancing in sunlight and everyone tired and sweating. Really, take our word for it on this one!

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Not booking a DJ – sometimes our couples think that it will be fine to plug in an iPhone with a pre-recorded playlist and they can save money on the DJ. It is so vitally important to have a real life DJ there, reading the crowd, putting on the right background music at the right time, and have music cued and perfectly timed for all the important moments such as the bridal entrance, dinner entrance and first dance. Don’t leave this to a member of the wedding party – it never flows too well and can break the atmosphere.

Not booking a wedding planner! I know it sounds obvious that we would say this, but we also provide the catering at weddings where there is no wedding planner. There is so much more to ensuring a smoothly-run day that many people realise. Weddings where no one with experience is in charge can be chaotic. Planners are often problem-solving constantly throughout the day without the couple even knowing about it! Many planners offer a on the day coordination package so if you want to do the planning yourself, they can just be there at the wedding making sure it all goes off without a hitch. Believe me, it’s well worth the money!

Not arranging childcare – that applies especially if the couple themselves have young children. In our experience, very young ones can feel quite overwhelmed and clingy at weddings where all the attention is on their parents. Make sure you have a Grandma, family member or nanny whose specific job is to look after the little ones and make sure they are happy and distracted.

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Not booking a lifeguard – many brides have told us that they found the open water at most of our venues a source of stress during the wedding day if there are toddlers and young children around. We always recommend you let us book one of our lifeguards for the evening. It is not expensive and gives everyone peace of mind.

And finally this one is for the grooms – Not bringing a spare shirt! Brides will often be very prepared with make-up and hair products to stay fresh and looking lovely during the wedding  – but grooms don’t always think this through! Nerves and heat often cause grooms to sweat more than they thought they would, which is not great for photos. Bring at least one spare shirt! It will make such a difference.

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