Wedding planning in Marbella – interview with a real bride

Katie & Scott were one of those amazing couples that were as head over heels in love with their wedding as we were! They were so involved with every detail, and as Katie says below, we missed her once the wedding was over! They now have their beautiful baby boy Jude, and very happy memories of their wedding in Marbella. I´ll hand over to Katie:

Why did you decide to get married in Spain?

Scott and I have always been party animals and have been spending many summers in Marbella at endless pool parties – we always joked and said if we ever get married it will have to be in Marbella and our wedding will have to be one huge party! So when he popped the question… it was a no brainer for us!

Which venue did you choose and what made you choose it?

Finca Bella Vista.. it was a bit like choosing the wild card on one of those house buying programmes as the venue was nowhere near finished in terms of renovation when we went to visit with Fiesta Sol. It had bright purple carpet and left a lot to be desired… it certainly took some imagination! However, the amazing team at Fiestasol explained their visions for the renovations of the marquee etc and we just fell in love with the views and we are so glad we did because on the day it was just amazing. The marquee itself is huge which was important for us as we had so many guests so it was nice that nobody was squashed in. We also loved the fact that the venue had separate areas for each part of the day, meaning nobody had to wait for the area to be changed around etc as you just moved from ceremony area (outdoors) to the marquee for dinner and then onto the dancefloor.

wedding ceremony Spain


Why did you decide to work with Fiestasol for your wedding planning in Marbella?

Fiestasol were so efficient and quick to reply to my endless questions from the very outset … I’m not sure how they put up with almost 2 years of me and my questions! I never felt like anything was too much to ask, I felt supported and very well informed. They really helped me pick suppliers due to their fantastic existing relationships with so many suppliers in the area – many of which I would never have known about!  Fiestasol give you the personal touch, you don’t just feel like “another bride” that wedding season. Also they do a really great food and wine tasting session in their headquarters – so yummy!

Spanish bride

How did you find working with Fiestasol? What was your favourite aspect of it?

I honestly felt like I made friends – I would whatsapp Tara and Heather endlessly nearer the time and I genuinely felt sad when the wedding was over as I enjoyed chatting with them and the relationship that developed!
As previously mentioned above I never felt like anything was too much to ask and I had utter faith and trust in them – which completely paid off 🙂

How did you feel on your wedding day?

On top of the world! Everyone probably says it, but it was truly the best day of our lives from start to finish. We were just so happy to have so many family and friends over in our favourite place in a beatitful venue to share such a special time. The ceremony (Natasha – malaga minister who is amazing!!) was beautiful and set the tone for such a fun and crazy night night ahead! Our guests were even dancing during dinner thanks to the amazing Roberto sax player.

sax player Spain

Do you have any special memories that really stand out?

Obviously the ceremony itself was so personal which was beautiful as it was so unique to us. The moment of walking in to the marquee to the smell of all the fresh flowers and the beautiful decor took my breath away!
And the band.. who killed the dj … wow! They know how to get a party going .. they even let me play their drums to one of my favourite songs to suprise my husband scott as he’d never heard or believed I could play the drums.
The absolute highlight for us though would be the fireworks around the dance floor for our first dance… that was such a wow moment that suprised everyone!

Would you recommend a destination wedding to other brides and grooms?
1 million percent YES!

mariachis wedding Spain

Would you do anything differently?

Provided umbrellas for the guests as they were very hot during the ceremony – woops!

Do you have any helpful tips for future Marbella brides?

Have faith in your planner, they know the area and suppliers better than anyone and will always recommend the best and reliable people, which reduces so much stress and work load for yourself Most importantly relax – and enjoy every moment – don’t stress the small stuff as on the day you’re so lost in the moment you won’t remember the endless hours you spent moving people around on your table plan.

wedding table set up

And finally…would you recommend Fiestasol wedding planning in Marbella to other brides and why?

Again, 1 million percent Yes yes and yes! If you want the best day of your lives, with little stress and worry on the lead up… then you must put your faith in Fiestasol!

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