Weddings in Spain – things most likely to go wrong at your wedding and how to avoid them

You get one chance at your wedding and you really don’t want anything to go wrong on the day. Having planned hundreds of weddings in Spain, we are here to let you know what goes wrong the most often. We are also here to tell you how to avoid disasters! Even though its not nice to think about some of these possibilities, its always best to have a plan!

weddings in Spain cars

Transport issues

Wedding cars going astray, arriving late, not getting to the church on time. Coach transport taking all your guests to the wrong church. Even though you love the look of a classic car you have seen picture of, or you have found the cheapest bus quote, make sure you are booking a professional service.

You should always ask your transport providers whether they know the wedding venue and/or church. If they haven’t, you should always insist that they do a dry run before the day itself. Arriving late and lost can put a real damper on the day.

Flower girl/page boy refuses to go down the aisle

Wedding planning in Spain

This one happens a lot. Many little ones under a a certain age can be suddenly overwhelmed when all eyes are on them. It is always worth having a plan B if they dig their heels in front of the bride and won’t move, or start crying. Ask an older bridesmaid to step in if necessary and hold their hand, or even a parent to be hovering off to one side. This needs to be dealt with quickly and with no drama so that the bridal entrance can be as smooth as possible.

Too much alcohol

In weddings in Spain, alcohol measures are a lot larger than in the UK or other countries. If you don’t want your guests to get plastered too early, speak to your caterer or maitre d´ and insist that measures are kept to a reasonable level. Believe us, we have seen the consequences of large measures too many times!

When you are offering your geusts a welcome drink, stick to something light or even non-alcoholic like sangria or homemade lemonade. Chances are the heat and the sun are more that your guests are used to and this doesn’t always mix well with drinking too early.

Damage to your wedding dress

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This is another nearly inevitable occurrence and some brides are more relaxed about this than others. Have a DIY repair kit on standby with a bridesmaid or relative with wet wipes, a small sewing kit, fabric tape and safety pins. But remember, a slightly dishevelled wedding dress the next day is always a sign of a great party!

Have a look here for more advice on bridal emergency kits.

Wedding rings or wedding readings forgotten

Wedding in Marbella

Readers at a weddings in Spain, seem to forget a copy of their text about half of the time! Speak to your wedding planner in Marbella or celebrant and make sure they have spare copies with them

If the wedding rings are forgotten, ask someone in your wedding party if you can borrow theirs (try them on for size beforehand) just for the symbolic moment during the ceremony, until you find the real ones again later!

The electricity goes

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Many more rustic or outdoor Marbella wedding venues may have electricity issues. Always speak to the venue team about this possibility and enquire about a generator or Plan B. There should always be someone on site that can handle this situation quickly should it arise.

Arguments between family members or friends

With all the heightened emotions at a wedding, sometimes issues can bubble to the surface. Speak to someone trusted and diplomatic in your wedding party to keep an eye on any existing tensions or issues that crop up. They can then deal with anything quietly and away from the bride and groom. Delegation is key!

Someone gets sick or injured

Your Spanish wedding planner should be able to call a taxi for any guest who suddenly feels unwell or even a doctor or ambulance if someone has an accident. At a wedding in Spain, language may be an issue so ask your planner to step in quickly and without drama and your guests might not even notice.

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