I started as a wedding planner in Marbella 11 years ago. It was the days before Pinterest, wedding blogs and endless information on social media. Weddings tended to be a lot more, well, standard. There was a list of famous hotels on the Coast, couples would choose between Menu A, B or C and wedding styling was a case of deciding what colour your table centerpiece would be.

I began to realise that sharing your wedding venue with a lot of other hotel guests was not ideal. Brides would have to thread their way through busy hotel restaurants to get to their ceremony area, with people gawking, and even worse, getting into the background of their wedding shots.

We started doing a few weddings in private villas, with my chef husband cooking the food and it felt like a whole new world. We could offer couples complete flexibility in terms of menus, timings and décor. We didn´t have to stick them into an underground function room after midnight and they could accommodate close friends and families on-site. Our menus could be mixed and match and adapted as much as required. We could allow couples to bring in their own alcohol and not get ripped off on the open bar prices.

We soon realized that this was our niche, as we offered a unique combination of planning and catering. We sourced stunning villas, traditional Fincas and beautiful cortijos that showed off the best of Spanish and Andalucian style.

We started to build up our own stock of tables, the best wedding chairs, beautiful linens and things took off. Our clients realised that the feeling of privacy and exclusivity at their weddings was vital. They enjoyed a freedom of choice that hotels and restaurants just couldn´t provide. 

Once we added in-house styling to our list of services, as well as a large showroom where we could host menu tastings and supplier meetings, our couples began to enjoy the benefits of keeping everything under one roof and Fiestasol grew and grew.

These days, we are inspired by the weddings we help our clients create. We love to help them realise their vision, guiding and advising them along the way, but always enabling them to produce a wedding which reflects their style as a couple. It is a true privilege and something we never lose our passion for.